Budget Committee

This committee has the following duties:

  1. Review the campus budget annually;
  2. Advise the Senate regarding budget development and fund allocations;
  3. Fulfill other related duties as assigned by the Senate.

Chairperson: Karl Naito
Vice Chairperson: Guy Kellogg

Meeting Notes and Memos:


Meeting Dates, Times and Location Listed Below:



Department Representative Email Address
Arts and Humanities Kauka de Silva  des@hawaii.edu
Business, Legal, and Technology Education Steve Singer singer@hawaii.edu
College Advancement and Continuing Education Ann Ishida-Ho  ishidaho@hawaii.edu
Culinary Arts Warren Uchida warrenu@hawaii.edu
Emergency Medical Services Edward “Chico” Caballero  ecaballe@hawaii.edu
Health Sciences Martin Chong martincs@hawaii.edu
Honda International Center OPEN
Hospitality Education Laure Burke lsburke@hawaii.edu
Languages, Linguistics and Literature OPEN
Library and CELTT Karl Naito knaito@hawaii.edu
Maida Kamber Center OPEN
Math & Sciences Aaron Hanai  aaron.hanai@hawaii.edu
Nursing Laura Ohara ohara3@hawaii.edu
Social Sciences Jeff Nathan jnathan@hawaii.edu
Student Services Brandon Chun btchun@hawaii.edu