Distance Education Committee

This committee has the following duties:
Study, discuss, and make recommendations regarding:

  1. Issues affecting distance education courses, including curriculum and instruction, evaluation and assessment, academic support services, technology, accessibility, and accreditation standards
  2. Policies, including but not limited to enrollment, office hours, faculty workload
  3. Faculty development and support in pedagogy and technology to ensure that faculty who teach distance education courses are able to provide engaging, learner-centered environments

Vice Chairperson:

Meeting Notes and Memos:

Meeting Dates, Times and Location Listed Below: AY 2022/2023:



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 Arts and Humanities
 Business, Legal and Technology
 Culinary Arts
 Emergency Medical Services
 Health Sciences
 Institutional Faculty Support
 Languages, Literature & Linguistics
 Library & CELTT
 Maida Kamber Center
 Math and Science
 Social Sciences
 Student Affairs


AY 2019-2020

03/30/2020 DE Meeting Minutes

02/24/2020 DE Meeting Minutes

01/27/2020 DE Meeting Minutes

12/13/19  DE Meeting Minutes

09/13/19 DE Meeting Minutes

8/30/2019 2019.08.30 DE Minutes

AY 2018-2019

8/24/2018 Minutes Meeting Minutes 2018.08.24 DE

9/7/2018 Minutes Meeting Minutes 2018.09.07 DE

10/5/2018 Minutes DE Meeting Minutes 2018.10.05.

11/2/2018 Minutes Meeting Minutes 2018.11.02 DE

12/7/2018 DE Meeting Minutes 2018.12.07

1/18/2018 DE Meeting Minutes 2018.01.18

2/8/2018 DE Meeting Minutes 2018.02.8

3/8/2019 DE Meeting Minutes 2019.03.8

4/12/2019 DE Meeting Minutes 2019.04.12

AY 2017-2018

9/1/2017 Minutes DE Committee Meeting Minutes September 1, 2017

10/06/2017 Minutes 2017.10.06 DE Minutes

11/3/2017 Minutes DE Committee Meeting Minutes November 3, 2017

12/1/2017 Minutes DE Committee Meeting Minutes December 1, 2017

2/2/2018 Minutes DE Committee Meeting Minutes February 2, 2018

5/5/2018 Minutes DE Committee Meeting Minutes May 5, 2018

AY 2016-2017 

9/2/2016 Minutes FSDEMinutes2016-09-02_FINAL

10/14/2016 Minutes FSDEMinutes2016-10-14

11/15/2016 Minutes FSDEMinutes_20161 11 15

1/6/2017 Minutes FSDistanceEducationCommitteeMinutes_20170106

2/10/2017 Minutes FSDistanceEducationCommitteeMinutes_20170210

End of year report:

FSDE Committee Summary Report for 2019-2020

FSDE Committee Summary Report for 2018-2019

DE Com summary 2018

DE Committee Summary for AY 2017

DE Plan:

Distance Education Plan Final Version (PDF)