Action Requests

Faculty members are encouraged to submit Action Requests regarding matters relevant to faculty.  Timelines and due dates for Action Requests allow for the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to devote due time and consideration to the issues brought forth via the request in order to take appropriate and timely action.

Action Requests are due prior to the scheduled Faculty Senate general meeting during which the Action Request may be reviewed; due dates for Fall 2017 Action Requests (by Faculty Senate meeting) are listed below.

Faculty Senate Meeting Date Action Request Submittal Deadline
February 5, 2018  Mon., Jan. 22, 4:30 PM
March 5, 2018 Tue., Feb. 20, 4:30 PM
April 2, 2018  Mon., Mar. 19, 4:30 PM
 May 7, 2018  Mon., April 23, 4:30

Individuals who submit an Action Request will be informed of the outcome of their request.  Should an Action Request be forwarded to the Faculty Senate for discussion, the individual who submitted the Action Request will be contacted by the Executive Committee to be present at the Faculty Senate meeting during which the Action Request will be discussed and reviewed.  This will enhance understanding and transparency for all members regarding the context and issues that are referenced and involved in the Action Request that is submitted.

The online Action Request Form can be found (and submitted – Google Form) at the following link by the deadlines stated above:

Faculty Senate Action Request Form

A listing/log of Action Requests received this current academic year, including the progress and status of each Action Request, can be found at the following link:

Faculty Senate Action Request Summary