E Komo Mai…

Aloha! Welcome to the Kapi`olani Community College Faculty Senate Homepage!

The Senate strongly believes in and practices shared governance and acknowledges the strength of the faculty voice and their collective wisdom in guiding the process. We honor those who came before us by continuing their principles of inclusivity and collaboration, and welcome our campus `ohana to share their voices. We can and we must work together to make our College – a place, a community that lives to proudly uphold Queen Kapi`olani’s motto, “Kulia I Ka Nu`u – Strive for the highest.” Please join us at our general meetings (FS Meetings Flyer-Fall 2015) to share your mana`o – your insights, thoughts, and ideas.

We honor those in the present and those who will come after us by demonstrating our commitment to representing the Queen, and ensuring that our words and actions are pono (goodness, fair, just), transparent, and carried out with integrity and respect. We promise to listen and make decisions and recommendations that will enhance and advance our College and the campus community.

The Senate consists of 16 senators, elected to represent the voices and perspectives of their departments/programs/units. If you have any relevant concerns, issues, or requests, please contact your Senator today. Or, please feel free to email us at kapccfs@hawaii.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you! Mahalo, The 2015-2016 Faculty Senate Team

Senators 2015-2016

Senator Email Department
John Berestecky johnb@hawaii.edu Math & Sciences
Edward (Chico) Caballero ecaballe@hawaii.edu Emergency Medical Services
Lisa Aganon lisaagan@hawaii.edu Nursing
Sheryl Fuchino-Nishida, Member-at-Large fuchino@hawaii.edu Hospitality
Lynn Hamada lynnh@hawaii.edu Health Sciences
Grant Itomitsu, Vice Chair gitomits@hawaii.edu Culinary Arts
Susan Inouye, Member-at-Large inouye@hawaii.edu Languages, Linguistics, & Literature
Ann Ishida-Ho ishidaho@hawaii.edu Continuing Education
Cynthia Kimura ckimura@hawaii.edu Business, Legal, & Technology
Reid Sunahara rsunahar@hawaii.edu Kahikoluamea
Cory Ando cando@hawaii.edu Student Affairs
Michelle Sturges, Secretary sturges@hawaii.edu Library & CELLT
David Behlke behlke@hawaii.edu Arts & Humanities
Lani Suzuki-Severa suzukimi@hawaii.edu Honda International Center
Veronica Ogata, Chair vogata@hawaii.edu Social Sciences
Gemma Williams gemmaw@hawaii.edu Maida Kamber Center


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