General Meetings

General Faculty Senate meetings are once a month, using a representational model per department/unit. All meetings are open, and any request to be on the agenda should be directed to the Faculty Senate Chair or through the Action Request Form.

Meetings are moderated using an abridged version of FS Roberts Rules of Order.There are also FS Meeting Expectations for Senators, Representative Attendees (i.e., Designated Proxies, FS Committee Chairs, UHPA Directors, etc.), and Guests (any one from our campus community not scheduled on the General Meeting agenda).

All voting held in the Senate are done on-line and a permanent record is kept.

Meeting agendas and minutes can be found on this page prior to the general meeting.

General Faculty Senate Meetings:

Special Meetings for Curriculum Only

December 16, 2016 (Friday)                 1:00-3:00 pm                          Kauila 114

January 6, 2017 (Friday)                       10:00 am -12:00 pm               Kauila 114

Spring 2017 Schedule

Action Request Deadline Executive Committee Meeting Agenda/Materials Distribution Faculty Senate Meeting
Mon., Jan. 23.  4:30pm Wed., Jan. 25, 3-5pm Mon., Jan. 30 Mon., Feb. 6, 12:15-:2:15

Kauila 114

Tues., Feb. 21, 4:30pm

(due to Monday holiday)

Wed., Feb.22, 3-5pm Mon., Feb. 27 Mon, Mar. 6, 12:15-2:15

Kauila 114

Mon., Mar. 20, 4:30pm Wed., Mar.22, 3-5pm Mon., Mar. 27 Mon., Apr. 3, 12:15-2:15

Kauila 114

Mon., Apr.17, 4:30pm Wed., Apr. 19, 3-5pm Mon., Apr. 24 Mon., May 1, 12:15-2:15

Kauila 114

Meeting Information & Documents:

Kapi`olani Community College Faculty Senate General Meeting

Monday, May 1, 2017

12:15-2:15 p.m.

Tamarind Room, Ohelo


I. Welcome  & Opening by Chair

II. Approval of MinutesDraft-FS-General-Mtg-Minutes-04-03-2017

III. Review Minutes of Executive Meetings20170419 FS Eteam mtg minutes


  1. Action Request AR – 1617024-KDooley –  DE Plan Approval
  2.  Action Request AR – 1617026-AChau –  To+KCC+F.S.+Memo+in+regards+to+T.E.+for+Dept.+Chairs
    1. Supporting Documents: Scroll to bottom of PR&R Committee Page
  3.  Action Request – AR – 1617029-MDorado
  4.  Action Request –  AR – 1617030-APak – online registration forms
  5. Action Request – AR – 1617031-KDooley – DE Faculty readiness
  6. Action Request – AR – 1617032-KDooley – DE Student readiness
  7.  Action Request – AR – 1617033-KLosch – Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO Feedback)
  8. Action Request – AR – 1617034-Fowler&Tokuda: Oral Communication Designation

V.      Other Matters (DEPT Feedback REQUIRED!!)

  1.      *Curriculum Processes:

a. Curriculum Process (Graphic Workflow for Courses and Programs_20170424)

b. Summer Ad Hoc Curriculum Documentation Committee

       c. KSCM Questions including alignment with Strategic Plan/SSP, DE questions, Location of  Diversification Review

2. Institutional Faculty Support – Proposed-amendment-to-Bylaws-temp-faculty-rep

3. REMOVE:  Assessment Plan Approval

4. Constitutional Amendment Update: check your email for ballot

5. Sustainability Plan Approval:   Hoʻomauō Kapiʻolani_FINAL_20170417

6. Faculty Senate Evaluation (KapCC Faculty Senate Evaluation 2016-2017)

VI.      Committee Updates (look for these on committee pages)

  1.     Budget- ARF Town Hall Update
  2.     Curriculum Proposals (online) – April 30 deadline
  3.     Faculty Student Relations
  4.     SLO Assessment
  5.     Sustainability
  6.     AASG
  7.      Distance Education
  8.     Professional Rights & Responsibility
  9.     Evaluation
  10.      Ad Hoc Committee on Course Evaluation System

VII. Chair’s Report

  1. ACCFSC Wrap up (forthcoming)
  2. CCCFSC: Follow-up (forthcoming)
    1. UHCCP 4.203: VPCC Morton’s Response: UHCCP 4203_JM memo_2017Apr24
    2. Nursing Dept concerns with RP 9.214
    3. Distance Education Questions in KSCM

VIII.         New Business

1. UHPA Statement – May 1

2. Next Meeting:  Continuing and Incoming Senators: Monday, May 1, 2:15-3:15, Kauila 114:  Agenda:  Election of Executive Committee

3. What’s on Your Mind?