Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment

This committee has the following duties:

To support faculty in their efforts to continuously improve student learning through sound assessment principles, processes and practices.

Chairperson:  David Uedoi
Vice Chairperson:  Sheryl Shook

Meeting Dates, Times and Location Listed Below: 2017-2018

Sept 15 12:15-1:30 PM  Olona 208
Oct 20 12:15-1:30 PM   Olona 208
Nov 17 12:15-1:30 PM   Olona 208



Department Representative Email Address
Arts and Humanities Christopher Gargiulo
Business, Legal and Technology Education Kimberly Iwao
College Advancement and Continuing Education Veronica Ogata
Culinary Arts Lauren Tamamoto
Emergency Medical Services Andrew Akana
Health Sciences Tiffany-Joy Kawaguchi
Honda International Center OPEN
Hospitality Education OPEN  –
Languages, Linguistics and Literature David Uedoi (Chair)
Library and CELTT Sunny Pai
Maida Kamber Center OPEN  –
Math and Science Sheryl Shook (Vice Chair)
Nursing Lisa Aganon
Social Sciences Jaclyn Lindo
Student Services Kristy Yoshikawa
 SLO Coaches
(non-voting members)
Grant Itomitsu
Anthony Silva
Ana Bravo
No’eau Keopuhiwa
Institutional Assessment Coordinator
(non-voting member)