Faculty Student Relations Committee

This committee shall be composed of a faculty member from each Academic Unit (Article II, Section 1) and two students appointed by the Student Congress representing the Associated Students of Kapi‘olani Community College.

This committee has the following duties:

  1. Facilitate communication between faculty, staff, students and administration;
  2. Coordinate selection of the Excellence in Teaching award (the winner from two years ago serves as the chair and the winner from last year shadows) and other awards as assigned;
  3. Develop recommendations for policies concerning the following:
    1. Student grievances;
    2. Disciplinary problems;
    3. Other areas concerning student/faculty/administration relationships;
    4. Submit recommendations to administration for faculty and students to serve on grievance and disciplinary committees;
  4. Fulfill other related duties as assigned by the Senate.

Chairperson: Beau Ewan
Vice Chairperson:  Frank Leake

Academic Grievance Policy & Procedures – Revised 11/16


Meeting Dates, Times and Location Listed Below:



Department Representative Email Address
Arts and Humanities
Business, Legal, and Technology Education David Stevens  dstevens3@hawaii.edu
College Advancement and Continuing Education OPEN
Culinary Arts Frank Leake (Vice Chair) fleake@hawaii.edu
Emergency Medical Services James Gray jamesgra@hawaii.edu
Health Sciences Cheri Souza cyhonda@hawaii.edu
Honda International Center OPEN
Hospitality Education OPEN
Languages, Linguistics and Literature Beau Ewan (Chair) beauewan@hawaii.edu
Library/CELTT Annie Thomas athomas@hawaii.edu
Maida Kamber Center Shannon Sakamoto sks78@hawaii.edu
Math and Science Dayna Kitsuwa (primary)

Radovan Milincic



Nursing Karla Cepeda (primary)

Crystalyn Hottenstein



Social Sciences Joe Overton overton@hawaii.edu
Student Congress Ismael Salameh

Jamie Nguyen



Student Services Rona Kekauoha ronak@hawaii.edu