Evaluation Committee

This committee has the following duties:

  • Review and recommend evaluation procedures and policies for faculty;
  • Conduct reviews of the administration as needed;
  • Fulfill other related duties as assigned by the Senate.

Chairperson: Elizabeth Nakoa
Vice Chairperson:  Open

Meeting Dates, Times and Location Listed Below:

 Friday, Oct 27  12 – 1:30 PM  Lama 111A
 Friday, Dec 1  12 – 1:30 PM  Lama 111A


Department Representative Email Address
Arts and Humanities Elizabeth Nakoa (Chair) nakoae@hawaii.edu
Business, Legal, and Technology Education Katherine Knox kknox@hawaii.edu
College Advancement and Continuing Education OPEN
Culinary Arts Grant Sato grantsat@hawaii.edu
Emergency Medical Services OPEN
Health Sciences Shepherd Maingano maingano@hawaii.edu
Honda International Center OPEN
Hospitality Education Amy Shiroma als6@hawaii.edu
Languages, Linguistics, and Literature Maiana MInahal mminahal@hawaii.edu
Library/CELTT Marisa Yamada myamada@hawaii.edu
Maida Kamber Center OPEN
Math and Science Korey Nishimoto koreyn@hawaii.edu
Nursing Joyce Riley jriley7@hawaii.edu
Social Sciences Neghin Modavi neghin@hawaii.edu
Student Services  OPEN