Distance Education

This committee has the following duties:
Study, discuss, and make recommendations regarding:

  1. Issues affecting distance education courses, including curriculum and instruction, evaluation and assessment, academic support services, technology, accessibility, and accreditation standards
  2. Policies, including but not limited to enrollment, office hours, faculty workload
  3. Faculty development and support in pedagogy and technology to ensure that faculty who teach distance education courses are able to provide engaging, learner-centered environments

Chairperson: Kevin Dooley
Vice Chairperson: 

Meeting Dates, Times and Location Listed Below:

 MONDAY 2/29 12:15-1:30pm Kopiko 102/103
 MONDAY 12:15-1:30pm Kopiko 102/103
 MONDAY 12:15-1:30pm Kopiko 102/103


Department Representative Email Address
Arts and Humanities Julie Ranciliio rancilio@hawaii.edu
Business, Legal and Technology Education Kevin Dooley (Chair) dooley@hawaii.edu
College Advancement and Continuing Education Shirley Tsukano stsukano@hawaii.edu
Culinary Arts Grant Itomitsu gitomits@hawaii.edu
Emergency Medical Services OPEN  –
Health Sciences Bob Vega robertlv@hawaii.edu
Honda International Center OPEN  –
Hospitality Education OPEN  –
Kahikoluamea OPEN
Languages, Linguistics and Literature Satoru Shinagawa ssatoru@hawaii.edu
Library/CELTT Helen Torigoe (primary),

Marisa Yamada



Maida Kamber Center OPEN  –
Math and Science Bob Moeng
Nursing Debbie Harrison dharris1@hawaii.edu
Social Sciences Dennis Nullet dennis@hawaii.edu
Student Services Drake Zintgraff drakez@hawaii.edu