Admission, Academic Standards and Graduation Committee

This committee has the following duties:

  1. Review and recommend admission and graduation policies;
  2. Review and recommend policies on academic standards;
  3. Review and recommend registration procedures and policies;
  4. Fulfill other related duties as assigned by the Senate

Chairperson: Sheldon Tawata
Vice Chairperson: Nadine Wolf

Meeting Dates, Times and Location Listed Below:



Department Representative Email Address
Arts and Humanities Anne Lum
Business, Legal and Technology Education Calvin Tan
College Advancement & Continuing Education OPEN
Culinary Arts Dan Swift
Emergency Medical Services Christopher “Kit” Kelly
Health Sciences Ed Borza
Honda International Center OPEN
Hospitality Education Palakiko Yagodich
Languages, Linguistics and Literature Porscha dela Fuente
Library/CELTT Joyce Tokuda
Maida Kamber Center Sharon Fowler
Math and Science Nadine Wolf (Vice Chair)
Nursing Julieta Rosado
Social Sciences OPEN
Student Services Sheldon Tawata (Chair)