This committee has the following duties:

  1. Administer the Sustainability-designation by establishing criteria and reviewing applications for S-designation on a semester basis.
  2. Monitor issues regarding faculty concerns over sustainability, including campus facilities and maintenance.
  3. Coordinate faculty development and student leadership in sustainability.

Chairperson: Wendy Kuntz
Vice Chairperson: Mike Ross

Meeting Dates, Times and Location Listed Below:

 FRIDAY 1/15 12:15-2:00pm Olapa 114
 FRIDAY 2/5  12:15-2:00pm Olapa 114
 FRIDAY 2/26  12:15-2:00pm Olapa 114
 FRIDAY 4/8  12:15-2:00pm Olapa 114
 FRIDAY 4/29  12:15-2:00pm TBA


Department Representative Email Address
Arts and Humanities Carl Jennings
Business, Legal and Technology Education Flo Abara
College Advancement and Continuing Education OPEN  –
Culinary Arts David Brown
Emergency Medical Services OPEN  –
Health Sciences Russ Kinningham
Honda International Center Saori Sato
Hospitality Education Dave Evans
Kahikoluamea OPEN
Languages, Linguistics and Literature Davin Kubota, (v)

Guy Kellogg

Library and CELTT Joy Oehlers
Maida Kamber Center OPEN  –
Math and Science Wendy Kuntz
Nursing Debbie Harrison (primary)

Toni Choy

Social Sciences Jeff Nathan
Student Services Teri Mitchell